My mother died when I was 15 from cancer. Cancer has always been part of my family: my grandmother & grandfather both had cancer. That's why I almost became a hypochondriac at the age 21. I was sure cancer would be my destiny. Headache? Brain tumor. Bowel & stomach pain for 2 years? Tumor. High cholesterol? Cardiovascular Disease coming.
Then I started reading about nutrition and I changed my diet to mostly whole food plant based meals. No bowel pain anymore. Perfect cholesterol, calcium & even iron. At the same time, I started to understand that, even with bad gene odds, we could redefine the outcomes & give our ugly diseases no terrain to grow on.

Today, it is estimated that only 10-20% of cancers are attributed to inherited genes, which means that up to 85% of cancers initiate because of our lifestyle, environment, and diet!

Throughout our families hardship, when my mother was sick, I remember the only hope we placed for recovery was in drugs; drugs that weaken you and hurt you at the same time. Nothing was about nutrition. Food at the hospital? White bread, butter and maybe a side salad. When I think of it, it makes me angry. Today, we know so much about antioxidants in vegetables and the link between gut & immunity that we can build an unfriendly terrain for the disease. So let's try now!

Stéphanie, Founder & CEO



Founder / Chief Executive Officer

I'm a woman, a wife, a sister and a daughter. I AM YOU.
I am also a strong optimistic, a natural enthusiast that wants to use this energy to do good.
After having launched two companies & with a MSc. in Chemical Engineering in hand, I now want to dedicate myself to the prevention and relief of chronic diseases such as cancer, by using my scientific background, experts knowledge & technology and combining them into the first holistic algorithm ever envisioned.


Chief Scientific Officer

Sunny holds a BS from Yale University in Molecular Biology. After completing master’s work exploring nutrient metabolism, she is currently working on her PhD at Columbia University with a focus on developing machine learning algorithms to identify therapies for Gastroesophageal Tumors. Sunny has a passion for understanding more about how nutrition can be used as tool to enhance our well-being and tries to motivate others to engage in healthy, holistic living. With the help of our team of Scientific Experts, Sunny is building the intuitive personalization algorithm that delivers the optimized cancer fighting meal plan based on the patient’s profile and conditions.


Data Science Advisor

Jiun is a seasoned data scientist with +8 years of work experience across different sectors including various government agencies, United Nations, and retail/e-commerce. Growing up in Korea, she has experienced the culture of using food as remedies to relieve symptoms and believes well-being is strongly related to nutrition. Her expertise lies in Statistical modeling, Machine Learning and Experiment Design. She is helping us implement Machine Learning algorithms to best serve personalized meals to our customers. She holds a Master's degree in Statistics from Columbia University.


Chief Intern

Jacki studied Nutrition and Dietetics/ Global Public Health at NYU and is a true believer of the powers of whole foods. She is a forward driven individual, who wishes to see a world where food holds more value as treatment and medicine. Upon entering NYU, she worked up an interest for social media management, and now is working to manage Saana brand & content.

Min Joon

Back-End Developer

Min Joon has background in mechanical engineering from the Cooper Union, bit his latest interests are machine learning, data analytics and software engineering. He has multiple project experience in healthcare, including his latest research which applies machine learning algorithms to the problem of predicting preterm birth. Min Joon is responsible for building databases and applying scientific algorithm on data provided by patients.


Saana is far from a sole enterprise.
Our scientific experts help improve our algorithm every day so we make sure that whatever you received is based on the latest science & clinical trials.


Food Accelerator Program / NYC

Back by SOSV (The Accelerator VC), Food-X is the #1 Food Innovation Accelerator in the World. They help food entrepreneurs bring their products and services to market at super speed. Saana is part of Food-X Cohort-08 to help it grow faster.


Oncology Dietician

Ashley Harris, MS, RD, CSO (Certified Specialist in Oncology) is the brain behind Saana's process of diet customization. She studied Oncology Nutrition for 5 years and has worked years with cancer patients, so she can help Saana refine the proper food to give to cancer patients and their families.


Researcher PhD in nutrition, microbiome & cancer for 25 years


Herbalist Expert

Jocelyn is a herbalist, Flower Essence Therapist and Essential Oil Coach. She is also pursuing a Bachelors in Biology, with a specialization in Ecology and Evolution, and her lectures focus on blending the spiritual aspects of herbs with the science behind how they work. Jocely helps using the power of natural plants to cope with treatment side effects.


Business Advisor

April Henry is a seasoned business strategist with over two decades of experience advising and deal-making for large global corporations and investors across the technology industry, ranging from digital media & entertainment to consumer commerce, events and fintech. She began her professional career in politics working in the U.S. House and Senate, eventually landing at Morgan Stanley, Index Ventures, News Corp, Yahoo and NBCUniversal. A long-time athlete and current co-founder of an early stage digital wellness platform, April has a strong passion for holistic solutions to disease management and prevention.


Lucia Manzo is a business leader & strategic client specialist with a unique ability to build key relationships for client & business development. She began her career in finance at BlackRock before becoming a founding member and core executive at Sverve - a social media marketing technology, acquired by Bloglovin' in February 2016 and renamed to Activate.
Lucia is Chief Revenue Office at Saana.