Our mission

Saana is all about empowering.
Empowering your body to fight against the disease by giving it proper cancer-fighting food and nutrients.
Empowering patients & families and giving them something actionable. It's already hard to see a loved one in pain and not knowing what to do. Nutrition is something we can act on. Drugs and diseases are not.

Our vision

Saana’s vision is to fight the current outburst of chronic diseases through actionable nutrition & lifestyle changes.
At Saana, we dream of a world with decreasing chronic and non-communicable diseases rates powered by science, technology and people will.


Being kind to others and to the environment is our motto. We want to take care of you in the best way we can but we also want to give back to the earth that gives us so much good. That's why our company intends to be as green as possible.


We swear we are not influenced by any lobby, big food company or health business. We seek to stay independent from any scientific or nutritional movement. Our algorithm relies on the latest scientific discoveries, clinical trials & patients' feedback.


Delivering empowering meals to you only makes sense if they are full of good nutrients! Good means fair-trade, authentic, fresh, organic when we can, Non-GMO, natural, etc. We also believe in the quality of our relationship with you!