At Saana, we use personalized data and the latest science to help you fight back cancer from the inside. Our purpose is to provide your body with the best "terrain" as possible.

Based on your symptoms, treatments and conditions, we use smart technology, the latest science and expert recommendations to calculate your personalized holistic protocol then deliver meals, snacks and other natural enhancements right to your door.
Our products, curated from trusted and tested partners, are designed to give you energy, as well as plenty of antioxidants, anticancer and anti-angiogenesis properties to strengthen your immunity and help you cope with your side effects at each step of your treatment.

Please note, our personalized meals & enhancements are meant to be an adjuvant to conventional therapy, not a substitute.

Continuously Tailored To You

Tell us about you

Complete a brief questionnaire on your medical condition, current medications, treatment schedule, allergies and symptoms.

We Personalize & Deliver

Each week, based on your medical profile and the latest Science, we re-calculate then deliver your personalized plant-based meals, bountiful snacks, and natural enhancers.

We Improve

We also adapt on what works and what doesn’t work for you. You inform us on your evolving symptoms and updated treatment schedule then we twist your customized protocol to better fit your taste buds and empower your fight.

Weekly Deliveries To Your Door

Personalized Meals

We make sure you receive all the necessary nutrients and anticancer properties while keeping potential carcinogens away.
We work with trusted partners to customize their content & texture depending on your treatment schedule, symptoms & restrictions.

Wellness Products

To relieve your side effects, we work with Registred Herbalists, researchers and Dieticians to additional other natural fighting solutions that are safe and do not counteract with your treatment: herbal solutions & tea, supplements, probiotics, fasting kits, etc.

Expert Follow-Up

Depending on your membership plan, access weekly Q&A or monthly private 20-min session with experts to answer all your questions. Our experts are eminent researchers in nutrition, microbiome & cancer, as well as integrative doctors and oncology dietitians.

Our Memberships Options

Our membership fee covers the Scientific Intelligence necessary for continuously personalizing your holistic protocol.
For more flexibity, the membership doesn't include the meals. During the onboarding process, you will be able to select the right meal plan for you and your family.
*To make sure that health improvement is maximized, we ask for a minimum commitment of 10 meals a week.

Services Free
Online Personal Health Dashboard
Weekly Tailored Action Plan
Weekly Automatic Meals & Supplements Ordering
Access to curated content
Weekly Q&A with experts
Monthly 1-1 with Expert
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Looking for more information on our meals, customization process or fighting kit?
Visit our FAQ for more information.